Reduced costs and downtime, Improved efficiency, Faster Server Deployment.

A virtual server is a non-physical server hosted on our virtual server host within a secure data centre. The server can be created as a new server or an existing server can be migrated into our virtual environment.

There are many benefits when choosing to implement a server virtualisation strategy.

  • Reduce costs, hardware & maintenance, virtualisation can seriously reduce IT budgets.
  • Minimised downtime due to quick and easy replication and deployment.
  • Improve disaster recovery due to more efficient means of backup and minimised downtime
  • Increase uptime, the ability to quickly recover and move a virtual machine from one server to another prevents long outages.
  • Easy to move into the cloud, virtual servers are both scalable and moveable across virtual platforms.
  • Extend the life of older applications by virtualising and encapsulating the application and environment without the need to keep hold of the very old and dusty machine hidden in the corner.
  • Save energy by migrating physical servers over to virtual machines lowers monthly power and cooling costs.

virtual servers

Our servers are located in a world-class data centre with multiple fast connections, this is pivotal in ensuring that our client’s web sites run smoothly. Behind our firewall, additional security on our web servers helps to keep your web site safe from unwelcome intruders.

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