Disaster Recovery;

“A co-ordinated plan enabling organisations to recover their IT/business systems from a disaster such as IT failure, fire, flood, vandalism or terrorism.  Restoration of business systems either on-site or off-site”

The first three rules of IT – Backup, Backup, Backup.

We can advise on various backup solutions including backups to local media and onsite backups.

We have dedicated servers within our datacenter location providing backup services only to our customer base. If data is lost or a hard drive has failed with no backup all is not necessarily lost, we can analyse disks for data recovery (disk condition dependent).

disaster recovery

  • Cloud Replication
  • Online Backups
  • Local backups to media
  • Server clustering
Our disaster recovery solutions range from online backups to servers in a secure data centre, to local backups using local media such as disk and tape drives.  Our qualified engineers can discuss and plan server replication/mirroring via Windows server clustering to ensure your business is safe and secure with minimal downtime.

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